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Situational Leadership & Diversity. Management Essay (Essay Sample)


Research "Situational Leadership & Diversity ," and write a paper on the topic.
Situational leadership refers to when the leader or manager of an organization must adjust his/her style to fit the development level of the followers he/she is trying to influence. Within situational leadership, it is up to the leader to change his/her own style, not the follower. In situational leadership, the style may change continually to meet the needs of others in the organization based on the situation. Diversity has to do more than race or ethnicity. Diverse workplaces are composed of members/employees with varying characteristics including, but not limited to, religious and political beliefs, mental and physical abilities/disabilities, gender, ethnicity, education, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation and geographic location. In this paper, discuss characteristics of situational leadership as well as the benefits and challenges of diversity in the workplace. Select one or two leaders that illustrate situational leadership. Also discuss how the leader(s) manage diversity or how they could benefit from diversity. Conclude with a summary of how these leadership dimensions are important to your career and your own leadership development.
Your paper should begin with an explanation of the traits with at least three references. Next you should select an individual that meets the assigned traits, then give a historical overview of the individual. You will need an additional three (3) references for the individual. Please include a reflection on how you can use these ideas in your career.
This paper is to be a minimum of 2-3 full pages, no pictures, Times New Roman (12), 1.5 spacing, MLA citations for a minimum of six (6) different references.
Here are some additional info for conclusion using:
I'm currently in graphic design bachelor program, I do freelance design when I'm off campus, mostly website design (both layout design and coding) and branding. I also do photography as hobby, it is my primary motivation to do design, I often use my own photos in my design instead of stock photos. I wish to get into photography related industry with the knowledge of graphic design, like a creative director/ art director conducting business layout, photo shoots and styling products.


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Situational Leadership & Diversity
The turbulence in today’s business environment demands leaders who can adapt to different situations to make their organizations successful. Situational leadership is thus instrumental for the success of today’s organizations that also face the challenges of diversity and globalization. Leadership effectiveness, in this case, depends on the situation. A situational leader can employ other leadership styles such as autocratic and democratic methods to ensure success in a particular situation. This paper examines the traits of a situational leader, provides a historical overview of Tim Cook, and presents my reflection on the impact of the leadership style on my career.

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