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Сurrent event paper. How to Level Up Your Leadership in 2020 (Essay Sample)


In a 2-4 page paper, select an article from an approved business publication (see list provided below) published in the previous 30 days, summarize the article in your own words (no more than half of the paper) and clearly identify and explain one or two topics from the course readings that are explained, highlighted, or demonstrated in the article (with clear and specific identification and explanation of the topic). You must include a properly formatted Works Cited/Reference page (MLA or APA accepted).
Approved business publications for the paper: Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fortune, Money, Fast Company, Inc., The Economist, Harvard Business Review, and Kiplinger's (others only with prior approval).
Link to library business database: http://guides(dot)libraries(dot)psu(dot)edu/newspapers/direct (Links to external websites.)


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How to Level Up Your Leadership in 2020
This article, published by Sinive Seely on the 23rd of December 2019 is quite enlightening. Seely appears to be interested in individuals who wish to challenge themselves to grow and become better. So, in the article, she offers guidance to leaders on how they can learn from their past, and become better leaders. The first thing that Seely asks her readers to do is to assess themselves. Well, to identify areas of improvement, assessing one’s leadership is crucial. History does hold a lot of data and hence Seely’s insistence that one has to start by looking at their past. However, Seely asks her readers to maintain honesty while assessing their leadership skills. Unless honesty is involved in the assessment, it will be difficult to identify and work on one’s weaknesses. Seely takes it further by identifying several factors or pointers that leaders can use to improve as the new decade of 2020 to 2029 starts.

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