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Ethical Leadership vs. Unethical Leadership Management Essay (Essay Sample)


Research "Ethical Leadership vs. Unethical Leadership," and write a paper on the topic.
Powerful leaders can have a substantial impact on the lives of followers and the fate of an organization. According to many theorists, the primary issue is not whether leaders will use power, but whether they will use it ethically or unethically. Discuss traits and values of ethical leadership. Also discuss consequences of unethical leadership. Select two leaders for this paper. Discuss the ethical behavior of your selected leader( and the impact on employees/followers. Also discuss the unethical behavior of your other selected leader and the abusive use of power and authority on employees/followers. Conclude with a summary on how these leadership dimensions are important to your career and your own leadership development.
Your paper should begin with an explanation of the traits with at least three references. Next you should select an individual that meets each assigned trait, then give a historical overview of the individuals. You will need an additional three (3) references for the individual. Please include a reflection on how you can use these traits in your career.
This paper is to be a minimum of 2-4 full pages, no pictures, Times New Roman (12), 1.5 spacing, MLA citations for a minimum of six (6) different references, with a cover page and reference page listing your sources.


Ethical and unethical leadership
An ethical leader always strives to do what is the right. It is impossible to exactly describe “right” but such leaders are not scared to undertake decisions even if they are unprofitable (Buckingham, p 22). Therefore, an ethical leader is just and has no favorites because he/she exercises equality. In this regard, no employee can be fearful of unfair treatment based on religion, gender, or color (Hunter, p 319). It is also natural that an ethical leader is a person who is honest. Honesty is important because majority of employees trust and depend on their leaders. Above all these traits is respect, which must be accorded to all employees. An ethical leader shows respect by listening and being compassionate while also considering opposing views (Chughtai, p 655). In contrast, an unethical leader is unjust/unfair, dishonest, and disrespectful.

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