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Veteran's Health Care: Unwillingness & Ignorance (Essay Sample)


Please write an essay about Veteran's Health Care.


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Veteran's Health Care
Military battles and wars have left a large number of veterans in anguish. Most of these veterans are suffering from physical and/or psychological problems. The main causes of their problems are sexual and combat assault (Kintzle, 935). Medical records indicate "that one in three patients was diagnosed with at least one mental health disorder, 41% were diagnosed with either mental health or a behavioral adjustment disorder," (Ouimette, 212). Veterans can be assisted to overcome their nightmares through medical and/or psychological help. However, administering treatments to war victims is a very high-risk endeavor because of their different reactions to traumatic events faced while on duty. Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can also occur while the veterans are on the active line of duty. Veterans also turn to drugs for self-medication which leads to Substance Use Disorder (SUDs). Thus, it is imperative that veteran health is taken seriously to help them cope with members of the public because of the hardship that is faced in offering health services to military men and veterans.
Veterans' health care is a very critical area in the US. However, the level of veterans' health care is one that is riddled with some disturbing elements. This means that there are aspects that should be addressed before veterans can enjoy the required quality of health care. This section of health has serious issues with policies while it is expected to have the most straightforward guidelines given the vast contribution veterans provide to the country. We do not need to see our military men come home and get disappointed with the level of health care they get after fighting for the country. Therefore, his paper discusses problems that are associated with veterans' health care.
Majority of the Veterans are Facing More Serious Problems
After many years of duty, military people have to leave and are replaced by others. However, others leave their duties before time. Nonetheless, most of the veterans leaving duty are facing severe health challenges. The issues are difficult to handle for the victims and healthcare practitioners. The challenges include mental health issues that are related to harsh conditions and extremely traumatic experiences military people go through on the battlefield and other duties (Kimerling, 1407). One of the most common illnesses is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that affects almost every one of them. Most of the experiences are not bearable which means that want they do to survive or save their lives disturbs or haunts them throughout their lives.
Besides mental problem, veterans face many other serious illnesses such as Substance Use Disorder (SUDs), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), urologic injuries, musculoskeletal injuries and pain, and chemical exposure. This means that our veterans have very serious needs which need to be discussed and handled using advanced approaches. This issue can be solved through reforms on the veterans' health care sector to ensure that they can access mental health care with ease. However, because some of the health complications may consequently lead to death, integrated or collaborative health care approaches should be adopted including helping veterans re-integrate with the community after leaving their duties.
Unwillingness/Ignorance among Veterans
A report shows that some of the veterans, including those suffering from serious mental illnesses such as PTSD are reluctant to seek medical attention or psychological help (Ouimette, 212). It is unfortunate that we have such cases in our country despite the constant call by the department for veterans to access the ava...

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