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Analysis of "The Open Boat" by Stephen Crane (1871-1900) (Essay Sample)

Support your assertion as correctly as possible, referring to specific event/passage in the text or quoting from the text. Always give full yet economical answers. Keep the passage of citation short, a single word, a phrase, even a line or two. Whenever possible, do close textual analysis(CTA) of brief passages. Look at single words or phrases and discuss their grammatical, linguistic and/or rhetorical features. As much as half of your essay should be CTA. In analyzing your poem, it may be an explictaion or analysis. Bothe require that you formulate a thesis statement and support it with evidence from the text. Never merely identify an aspect of a work of art, put differently, identification for the sake of identification is superficial. If you account for the ideology of the text and do so with intelligent and profound insight, you are in \"above average\" range. To achieve the \"superior\" range, you must do some CTA and you must account for the \"aesthetics\" of the work of art. source..
Name: Professor: Course/Subject: Date: The Triumph of the Human Spirit in the face of Nature`s Vehemence: an analysis of Stephen crane`s "The Open Boat; Stephen Crane`s "The Open Boat" is a fitting allegory on the different ways by which humanity seeks to cope with the vicissitudes of life. The short story led us to the cramped struggle of four men vying for continued survival as the forces of nature, as exhibited by the sea, threatened their existence. All throughout the short story, there has been this pointed oscillation between two attitudes which men can take as they recognize and face the inevitability of death, of a curtailed existence whose promise of being recovered is nil. At some points, the men were clouded with pessimism, as if resigning in a laid back manner in the face of their lives` termination. Commonly summoned ideas and terms like "fate" were also included here and it is in these things that the men passed on the decisiveness regarding one`s life. While they tarry in this point of view, they are extremely incredulous with their human agency, if ever they still believe that they have such. However, on the other side of the coin is the spirited optimism in the face of an impending tragedy. They mostly rely on the forceful fellowship of humanity and their own carrying of their will to live as they face the adversity. As we explore the story further, utilizing key passages and quotations that highlight the point we are trying to arrive at, we can see more lucidly how the shift to and from these two attitudes towards the external factors that seem to imperil humanity. At the onset of the story, we can already sense a...
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