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Cage Grown Animals (Essay Sample)


PLEASE follow instructions.
This is an English 101 class.
Sample paper to follow is provided.
One main source (provided).
Four supporting sources (need to have Works cited list).
Keep in mind that I'm a non-native English speaker.
It's an argument paper with one main source and 4 other sources which support or argue the main source's topic.
main source: http://www(dot)theguardian(dot)com/science/lost-worlds/2014/aug/19/why-zoos-are-good
Basically paper needs to have two supporting and two arguing sources. At the end it needs to have a conclusion.

Course Title:
Why Zoos Are Good
The importance of zoos has continued to be acknowledged globally as the world is changing fast and the impact of unforgiving global warming, especially in the natural world life across the world in being felt. The concept of developing zoos with the main on conservation and protecting endangered species from extinction has however had it fair share of arguments with different parties viewing the concept differently. Environmentalists, organizations and parties concerned with wild animal conservation and government bodies are for the idea that just as national parks are protected, zoos also provide an opportunity for specific species to be protected in more safer places while at the same time utilizing this quest as an advantage to the public to be able to interact with these animals much closer. Critics however view this as a negative move and the idea of caging wild animals is unacceptable and they should be conserved and protected I their natural environments. This paper seeks to address this confusion by highlighting various advantages of zoos and also the negative implications drawing from various sources of literature to prove that zoos good both to animals and the society they are put at.
Hone is one great supporter of zoos and argues that since the Victorian menagerie days, modern zoos have become more than just a collection of brutally caged wild animals and have transformed into very important wild animal conservation projects. After visits to various parks and aquaria all over the world, Hone cannot rule out that zoos have always been used for the right intended purpose. It is however recognized that, there are bad zoos and bad individual exhibits for wild animals. It has also not gone without notice that zoos especially in the western world have been reportedly mismanaged and the animal conditions poorly attended to. It is also important to acknowledge that the idea about captivity is much overrated and that the concept is wrongly interpreted in terms of size. Even larger parks are still enclosed regardless of the magnitude on fencing that is involved. Hence what really matters is the degree of care and not just the idea of enclosure. Enclosing animals in zoos protects endangered species from total extinction and gives them a change to rejuvenate and breed again. All this is only possible under a protected and controlled environment which is the zoos. It is therefore healthy to argue that zoos are good (Hone).
According to Hibbard, zoos have been used to protect a large number of wild species that are facing extinction on a massive scale due to climate and human factors that are destroying habitats and parks where wild animals reside. It is estimated that about 21% of wild mammal species, 12% of bird species and 33% of all amphibian species' existence is threatened and now facing extinction. Hibbard agrees with Hone that the situation in many parks does not allow some of these species to survive on their own, hence requiring human intervention to help protect them from extinction. However, the history of zoos is much different to tell compared to current reasons why zoos are being developed. In early times, wild animals were considered dangerous, hence were held in cages to prevent them from harming people while they were viewing or studying them. The practice of ha...
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