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World Religion (Essay Sample)

This assignment is worth 10% of the final mark. It is based on key terminologies discussed in the First chapter, Religious Responses. It is to be formatted in the style on an essay no shorter than 400 words and no longer than 600 words. As with the final essay, this assignment will be in the style of a research paper; therefore, a minimum of two sources will be required. Sources and citatioins are to follow the MLA format. Topic: 1. Define Atheism. 2. Discuss the key concepts of the Functional Perspectives. 3. Discuss the differences between Orthodoxy and Absolutism. 4. Discuss the renewal of the Goddess ideology in today\'s societies ( Use of the film Goddess Remembered grated ) 5. Discuss the differences between the terms \' religion \' and \' organized religion\'. source..
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World Religion
Atheism is a doctrine which argues against the existence of a supreme being. The doctrine basically asserts that there is no God or supernatural force which controls the earth. Atheist belief emerged to defy the generally accepted existence of God by all people before the 18th century. The belief however started to be practiced when individuals sort to explain natural phenomena without involving divine power of god. Atheist supporters present deductive arguments which contradict God`s existence arguing that such there is quality inconsistencies in such beliefs. They therefore seek to explain nature from the experiences they encounter in life and not from the ascribed qualities of Gods by theologians (Vergote 87).
The Key Concepts of the Functional Perspectives
The major concepts that we have in the functional perspective include the manifest and latent functions. The manifest concept seeks to identify the conscious and deliberate reason of religion, and in this case is to worship. The latent concept on the other hand involves the unconscious purpose in religion which may be, to positively impact on the society.
Differences between Orthodoxy and Absolutism
Orthodoxy is a Christian`s denomination which believes in holy trinity that is God the father, son and the Holy Spirit. They also believe that human beings are born and raised with a sinful nature which separates him from God...
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