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Transformation Of Humans Into Slaves Under AI (Essay Sample)


A research paper, at its core, is an argument, meaning you will ultimately have to address alternative/opposing perspectives that conflict with your main claim.
For Monday, submit in a counterargument or opposition that you plan on addressing in your paper. Summarize and analyze this counterargument fairly, and briefly summarize how you will counter it in your paper. 
Don't forget to include your source(s). 
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Slaves to Artificial Intelligence
While artificial intelligence (AI) has been projected to have numerous benefits, it is also worth noting that there are many concerns surrounding the development of AI. One of the main concerns being leveled in this respect is that AI will eventually become extremely intelligent, and in doing so end up controlling human beings (Bostrom 154), essentially transforming human beings into slaves under AI. Some corners speculate that the development of AI significantly more intelligent than human beings will eventually result in said intelligence misaligning itself from the goals of the human race and instead forcing human beings to conform to its own goals (Müller and Bostrom 557).
Although far-fetched, this argument against AI is still justified. Intelligence is the basis of all control and power. Human beings are able to control wild animals because they are more intelligent than said animals (The Future of Life Institute). Our intelligence allows us to observe, study, and understand wild animals to the extent that we can control and tame them. It is possible that AI will end up growing and becoming exponentially more intelligent (Tegmark 93), at which point it can end controlling human beings and the aspects of their daily lives.
While this argument appears sound, it presents a problem that

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