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The Future Of Health Care Administration (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


1)Here is a TEDx presentation that presents a very interesting perspective on the future:
After you watch it (it's about 17 minutes long), then discuss the following questions:
What do think of the video's basic premise?
What do you imagine the future of healthcare to be like?
2)Respond to at least one of these options.
Describe a situation you have experienced, witnessed, or with which you are sufficiently familiar to offer detailed analysis where:
• Someone's emotional intelligence resolved a complex situation.
• Someone's lack of emotional intelligence caused greater problems.
• You observed the characteristics of a servant leader who inspired you.

Health Care Administration Name Institution Affiliation Health Care Administration The basic idea of this video is about how creativity is the main tool to solve various challenges faced by humankind today and in the future. The presenter indicates that creativity will result in the world making big strides in the field of technology in the next 30 years or so. Such advancements will improve all aspects of the life of humans (TEDx, 2013). In a nutshell, creativity will play a big role in moving the world to the next level of civilization. The future of healthcare is bright with the kind of innovations that are made every day. There is a possibility of using robots to improve surgery as well as the diagnosis of various diseases. The resonance imaging could be used to detect changes in the heartbeat rhythm, which will make it easy to diagnose and treat various heart diseases. Management and treatment of chronic diseases such as cancer could be made simple in 20 or so years to come. It will be easy to manage the massive health records. Homecare field will be improved tremendously and people could be performing the health care assessment of thei...
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