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What’s Your Emotional IQ (Intelligence Quotient)? (Essay Sample)


If you were an HR manager, on what criteria would you base a hiring decision— intelligence (IQ), education, technical skills, experience, references, or performance on the interview? All these can be important determinants of a person’s success, but some experts believe that there’s an even better predictor of success. It’s called emotional intelligence (or EI), and it gained some currency in the mid-1990s thanks to Daniel Goleman’s book Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More than IQ. EI is the ability to understand both our own emotions and those of others, as well as the ability to use that understanding in managing our behavior, motivating ourselves, and encouraging others to achieve goals.

An attractive aspect of EI is that, unlike IQ, it’s not fixed at an early age. Rather, its vital components—self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management—can be strengthened over time. To assess your level of EI, go to the Web site maintained by the Hay Group, a management consulting firm

After completing the test, you’ll get your EI score, some instructions for interpreting it, and an answer key.

When you’ve finished with the test, rank the following items according to the importance that you’d give them in making a hiring decision: intelligence, education, technical skills, experience, references, interview skills, and emotional intelligence. Explain your ranking. Please submit your answer on one page, typed, by Monday, March 26th. This is an optional assignment.


Emotional Intelligence
Insofar as making a hiring decision is concerned, the following would be the consideration for the mentioned items in descending order: education, technical skills, emotional intelligence, experience, intelligence, interview skills, references.
The core reason behind hiring someone is to ensure that they can consistently and reliably perform a specific task as a means of alleviating some of the workload imposed on other employees (Collins 104). As such, the most important factor to consider is the ability of the individual to perform the task in question. One of the best measures of ensuring that an individual fully understands the scope of their work is ensuring that they are educated and certified in the work they are doing. In some

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