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Things Fall Apart Postcolonial Analysis Assignment (Essay Sample)


thesis statement:
In the novel Things Fall Apart, the author argues that while the motivations of the colonists were good, it led to negative impacts of the Ibo tribe because of the colonists weren't doing it the right way.
use my thesis statement.

Instructors’ Name:
Things Fall Apart  ​ Postcolonial Analysis
“Things Fall Apart” was written by the late Nigerian author, Chinua Achebe. Umuofia is the setting of the novel, which is a small fictional village in the native Nigeria. The events in the novel happen just before and after the arrival of the white missionaries into the Umuofia community. Therefore, the unexpected arrival of the missionaries brought challenges to the villagers of the Umuofia. They had a hard time reacting to the cultural changes caused by the white missionaries. These missionaries threatened to change the political structure and cultural beliefs of the Umuofia people. The novel follows the life of the tribe of Igbo at that particular time when colonization in Africa was at the peak. The story revolves around Okonkwo, a man who was respected by the whole of Umuofia village ever since he was a child. His father died a failure and Okonkwo worked tirelessly not to be like him. However, his life ‘fall apart' even after he had attained his goals. Post-colonialism in particular deals with the identity of cultures in the colonized societies, in which the post-colonial writers articulate such identity. Therefore, in the novel Things Fall Apart, the author argues that while the motivations of the colonists were good, it led to negative impacts on the Ibo tribe because of the colonists were not doing it the right way.
Post-colonialism sometimes is assumed to mean ‘after independence' or ‘after colonialism.' Explaining a broad range of political, cultural, and social events. The events are emanating from the downfall of the European colonialism during World War 2. Post-colonialism and colonialism are two terms that focus on different ideas. While colonization looks at the time of the colonial experience, post-colonialism deals with the results of the consequences of the settlement. Through this notion, we understand the primary focus of Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart, writing as a way of responding to the effects of colonialism on the native culture and religion.
Culture clash is the prominent postcolonial theme in Things Fall Apart. The white missionaries’ culture and the Igbo's culture does not seem to go in the same direction. The killing of the children, especially twins in Igbo is a regular practice, as long as the reasons for the killings are in line with the practices of their religion (Achebe 8). On the other hand, the white missionar...
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