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Admission Essay Paper About the Low GPA for my Junior (Admission Essay Sample)


I got very low GPA for my junior year.
I just want you help me to write an essay about why I got this low GPA, and I will attach my transcript for you.
When I found that I got this low GPA, I transferred to another university to find a new start.
In my junior year (~2015.11), I knew that my parents want to divorce because my father cheat in their marriage. I am an international student and come from China. My parents always made overseas call to me to quarrel at that time. This thing made me drive. I cannot bear them. This thing made me difficult to concentrate on my study, so my grade gradually fall back.At that winter vacation, I returned China. My parents also quarreled with each other everyday. My grandmother had a heart attack at 2016.1.12, and then she also dead after rescue because of the quarrel between my parents. I lived with my grandmother for a long time in my childhood. her death made me be on the verge of a mental breakdown. I dont want to come back US to study. At this time, my parents also ignored me, and they ordered me that I must come back and get a good grade. I felt very depressed and helpless. Therefore, in the next semester, as for me, it is harder to focus on study, and after final exam, my GPA of this semester was below 2.0. I asked for help from one psychologist, he told my bad grade to my parents and ask them pay more attention to me to instead of quarrel in daily life. He suggested to my parents, I need to transfer to another university to find a new start and need someone accompany with me. At this August, I transferred to Kansas state university, and my sister live with me and give support to me. I gradually find the the right attitude to face my academic study. I found a new lab to study some specific techniques in Biology, and enrolled in some graduate level courses to prove my study skills. And I think in this semester, I will get a good grade, The GPA in this semester may be above 3.3.


Admission Essay
Admission Essay
Education is an important aspect of my life and I would never do anything willingly to compromise it. When I left China to come to America, I had high hopes about my studies and I knew that I wanted to excel. However, as fate would have it, things did not turn up as expected owing to some emotional and psychological problems. In my junior year, I started failing in my grades because of the family problems that cropped up that significantly affected my life. I learned that my parents’ relationship was disintegrating after my mother found out that my father had been unfaithful. My parents interfered with my studies as they would call from China with grievances against one another and this became emotionally draining. I found it difficult to concentrate in my studies because I did not know whom to agree with and who to go against. I felt emotionally tired because they would call to talk and even argue about their issues when I was supposed to be studying. The lack of focus in my studies led to a fall in my grades drastically and the pressure increased. I decided to go back to China during the winter vacation and the problems with my parents escalated. During one of their disagreements, my grandmother suffered a heart attack on January 12, 2016. This wa...
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