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The Main Character and Self-Image of Lemuel Gulliver (Essay Sample)

this is the question 1. From Swift¡¯s Gulliver¡¯s Travels, discuss the main character¡¯s self-image, how he sees himself in relation to both the Yahoos and his Houyhnhnm hosts. Is he self-deluded? Why? Note from the Professor: Remember: the best essays should note the question being answered. They should be 3 to 3.5 pages in length, plus source page. They should be double-spaced, and set in 10 or 12 pt. font. Content should be well organized and include quotations from the work(s) in question to support your argument. Please follow MLA style in your writing and use of citations. (Examples of this style may be found on the CSN Library web page.) source..
The Main Character and Self-Image of Lemuel Gulliver
Lemuel Gulliver is the main character in the novel, Gulliver’s Travels. He is very smart. He had studied medicine in Holland and England. He had also been a surgeon on apprenticeship under surgeon James Bates. He had two main gifts. Despite the fact that he was not a nobleman, he was extremely smart. He was very interested in individuals watching. This is illustrated by the phrase, “My hours of leisure I spent in observing the ways and dispositions of the people”. These traits are illustrated clearly. Firstly, his medium-class birth signifies that he is very flexible as far as his social circles are concerned. Although he constantly wanted to relate with quality people only, he failed easily to talk with quality people and servants. Additionally, he had a practical nature and possessed pragmatism. These traits saved his life many times. He was not proud to go down on the floor for the Luggnaggian king. Although he is the main character in the novel, nothing heroic about him is observed. He was neither brave nor powerful (Swift 22).
Secondly, he had a lot of interests in customs and languages within his travels. He was perfect at acclamatizing to other cultures. He had a genuine interest towards people. This made him the best narrator for a book on human nature. Additionally, he had his feeling of human company. A possible conclusion can be that he was a person who completely rejected people. This is illustrated tow...
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