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two different countries (Essay Sample)

debate about two different countries how there are similar and how there differ.comparison and contrast them. for examples, life style, culture etc. write a well-developed, at less 5 paragraphs essay. comparison-place 2 things side to look at similarities contrast-place 2 things side by side to look at differentives source..
A Debate about Two Different Countries Lecturer: University: Course: Subject: Date: Debate about two different countries: United States and Canada United States and Canada are two countries located in North America continent and are neighbours the two countries both share the same border. In more than two ways they both share a remarkable similarity between their languages; they both have the same national language that is English. Likewise this can be attributed to the historical extractions in that both countries were colonised by European colonial powers leaving a similar culture, social and political legacies. In spite of this exterior similarities in languages and cultures there exist a different perceptive in proper relationship between language and culture, whereas the United States was colonised by Spain and Britain, Canada was colonised by France and Britain thus as to why in Canada French is also accepted as a national language (Rugman, 40). The cultural factor between the two nations can be manifested by the social, economic and religious values that affect the organization of personal relationship, churches, business, and governments in the two nations. Similarities in this aspect are that in both cases the two nations were developed by immigrants who came with different cultural values. But both countries have adopted these cultures in different way. Socially, Canadians are more tolerant to foreigners and their distinctive culture; in the case of American, they want foreigners to assimilate throw away their native values. Religiously, Canadians are Catholics...
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