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Use of Symbolism in Poetry 'The Blue Bowl' (Essay Sample)

using the poem "The Blue Bowl" written by Jane Kenyon, need an essay of how the poetic term symbol is used within. source..
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Use of Symbolism in Poetry "The Blue Bowl"
In Jane Kenyon`s "The Blue Bowl," symbolism is used to illustrate the gloomy scene and affecting emotions that accompany the burial of a much loved feline friend.
Charles Dickens once asked, "What greater gift than the love of a cat?" Felines have long been known to provide friendship, warmth, and amusement to humans since the ancient. Egyptians worshipped them as gods. Besides being pleasant companions, cats are wonderful stress relievers as well as subjects for many of history`s most famous quotes, books, and poems. Experiencing the death one of these feline comrades is the equivalent of losing a best friend in the eyes of many cat lovers.
The poem`s title, "The Blue Bowl," describes the deceased cat`s food dish. The title symbolizes the dead animal`s past as a once-living creature that ate food and preferred a certain object. By suggesting these traits, the symbol of the blue bowl adds sentiment to the poem and generates sympathy towards the cat. The bowl was an important aspect of the cat`s life as it symbolizes the loss of an animal that once lived, breathed, meowed, and consume...
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