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Reason and Revolution II (Essay Sample)

This order is for writer Peter only. The book we are utilizing is: The American Tradition in Literautre 12th Ed. ISBN: 0077239040. The assigned readings are: Olaudah Equiano – p 390-392 The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, Chapter 2 – p 392, Chapter 7 – p 399 Phillis Wheatley – p. 400-402 Perkins Online Learning Center-Phillis Wheatley (select from the pull down menu)-About the Author, Orientation, Key Concepts “On Being Brought from Africa to America” – p. 403 “To His Excellency General Washington” – p. 406 Philip Freneau – pp. 415-417 “To the Memory of the Brave Americans” – p 418 “On Mr. Paine's Rights of Man” – p 419 “The Indian Burying Ground” – p 421 “The Wild Honey Suckle” –p. 421 “On the Universality and Other Attributes of the God of Nature” – p. 422 Charles Brockden Brown – p 491 You are asked to write a reaction to the assigned readings. These reactions should reflect your understanding of and thoughtfulness about the readings. Thus, for example, you might comment on specific points within a reading with which you strongly agree or disagree; make connections or comparisons across the readings or with other literature you have read; comment on themes, social issues or implications for the future development of literature. Also, you are asked to answer the following questions: 17. List three features of Phillis Wheatley's poetry that can be considered neoclassical. 18. Discuss the tonal shifts of Freneau's “The Wild Honey Suckle.” 19. How were Olaudah Equiano and Phillis Wheatley effective instruments for the abolitionist cause? source..
Reason and Revolution II
The following is a summary of a book The American Tradition in Literature authored by Perkins George and printed in 2009 by university of Michigan. The general over view of the reading is that they have been written with very high literature techniques. The poems message is clear and direct. There are easily understood with their ideas direct and up to the point. Many poets lack this aspect of connecting the audience with their message by using much colloquial language. In the contrary, the poems are well versed with their themes well understood.
Otherwise, there are some things especially commented by Olaudah on the naivety that the slave s had that to some extent I do not agree with. Saying they believed that the ship was driven and stopped using magical power is to is to some extent an over statement. He bring a picture of African slave who were very scared by the whites to an extent of believing that when they got to the harbor, they believed that the next thing that will happen is being eaten by the whites.
Worse still, they cried to an extent of the merchants calling their African people to come and console them. I do not agree with such statement because from the historical background of the slave trade, the slaves were so violent at times when they resisted the vice to an extent of killing the crew and abducting the others and the ship directing the ship back to the shore of Africa.
As an aspect of literature, the work is well researched, as they writers are capable of narrating relevant stories in conjunction to the second revolution in America. They are capable of narrating how ...
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