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The Graduate (Essay Sample)

Show how the movie "The Graduate" employs three specific symbols- water, light/shadow, and modes of transportation to address character, conflict, and/or theme. Write a paragraph for each about how director Mike Nichols uses these symbols throughout the film. (The writer needs to watch the movie to understand) source..
Name: Course: Instructor’s Name: Date: Movie: The Graduate The movie “The Graduate” is a comedy drama which is based in the Novel “The Graduate” by Charles Webb. The movie is directed by Mike Nichols; the movie is about a university graduate Benjamin Braddock who did not have a well defined aim in their life. After graduation he was seduced by a woman Mrs Robinson who was older than him but he went ahead and fell in love with her daughter Elaine. This assignment evaluates on use of symbols water, light and shadow on how they have contributed to the developed of characters as well as themes in the movie. Benjamin was pushed under the water in a swimming pool by his father and he was not allowed to emerge out of the water. Benjamin did stand still under the water this symbolizes on how he was been submerged in a deadly affair of an older woman than him and he was as well gone ahead and got in love with the daughter. The main theme in this story is about sexual frankness and Benjamin is much worried about his future. Use of shadow demonstrates the dark side of Benjamin life in the fact that he had the character of dualities by having two rival women who were a mother and her daughter. The shadow also demonstrates on how the young generations have been dis...
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