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How Advertising Reflects and Shapes Society (Essay Sample)

You can choose any of the following topics. The essay is for a first year Canadian College English course. I'm aiming for a C+ to B- mark range for this essay, so you don't have to make it perfect (throw in a few grammatical mistakes if you can). This mark range would be more believable as it's in line with my previous essays. It would be great if you could make it to 1400 words (excluding the references) I also included a checklist my teacher provided. If you have any question, please do not hesitate message me. Topics 1. How does advertising reflect and shape the values of our society? 2. What does it mean to be Canadian? Discuss the elements of Canadian national identity (cultural, social, political, etc.). 3. How does Hollywood present young offenders? Watch a film that uses the “kids in trouble” motif. How does your chosen film portray youth and crime? In these films what motivates the young people to commit crimes, and how do society and “the system” treat these troubled youth? 4. Explain two or three major themes that are repeatedly evident in your favourite genre of music/art. 5. First Nations people have had to overcome the colonial legacy. Explore how they were portrayed in literature before 1950. Have we transcended these stereotypes or are they still influencing our perceptions today? 6. Truth and Deception in Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest. 7. Rigid social roles and double identities in Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Checklist 1. Does your thesis statement present the following elements: 1) your opinion; 2) your support for this opinion from primary sources; 3) your support for this opinion from secondary sources? 2. Are the essay's assertions clear? Are they adequately supported? 3. Are other points of view recognized and examined? 4. Have you used five or more secondary sources to support your central argument? 5. Does the organization of your paper further your assertions/argument? 6. Have you removed irrelevant material? 7. Have you followed MLA style for citations and bibliography? 8. Is your source material (whether summarized, paraphrased, or quoted) presented fairly and accurately? 9. Have you rechecked the citations for all the sources in your paper? 10. Have you prepared an alphabetical list of your sources for the end of your paper? source..
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How Advertising Reflects and Shapes Society
Advertising resonates with the public promotion done on services and products with the intention of drawing public attention to the existence of the particular product and service. Society is an extended social group with economic and cultural organization. It is considered as a formal association of persons with common interests (Suggett Para 2). Researchers have identified that advertising plays critical role in shaping and reflecting society values.
The world has been saturated with advertisements. Every turn of an eye in the media platform and streets, advertisements are all over (Belicove Para 2). Advertising have increasingly taken over the media platforms with commercial messages all over. The society is changing at a fast rate, there are new technological advancements that are shapes and influence the society. Times has changed to an extent that what was considered as a taboo year’s back is now considered a passé. It is evident that the society and advertisements are closely related.
It is worth noting that advertisements catch what the society gets interested in, it tries to convince the society on consuming the goods and services. There are changes in the society that are orchestrated by advertising. It is believed that advertising has triggered in changes being experienced by the society. The society erosion is evident with the globalization. Globalization has broken down the physical boundaries making the world a global village (Giaccardi 122). The third world countries are copying the societal values of the developed world. This has influenced the cultural erosion.
It is believed that advertising is changing the society by shaping and reflecting the society values. Researchers have asserted that an effective advertisement has an effect on the society. Critics in the advertising industry state that has taken shape in the media platform having widespread, enormous and catastrophic effects on the society. The society has the mandate of picking what is good in the advertisements and ignores what is considered in the advertisements.
Researchers have keenly noted that effective advertisements reflect the prevalent societal values. Advertisements identify with the society to make a hit and an effective impact (Suggett Para 3). Advertisements catch at the prevalent societal values in culture. Advertising companies first study the societal culture before producing the commercials. This is the reason behind the notion that advertising shape and reflect the values of the society. Commercials on advertisements tend to identify themselves with the treasured societal values. Hence making commercials that seems part and parcel of the culture (Minor Para 3).
Advertisements go a step further by using the local people in the advertisements. The society feels part and parcel of the advertisement hence easily convinced to purchase...
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