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The Two by Gloria Naylor (Essay Sample)

ASSIGNMENT: Choose either the Two by Gloria Naylor or powder by Tobias Wolff and write an argument where you argue what the story reveals about society and gender, or male and/or female roles, using feminist or gender literary analysis theory. . Make a specific argument and use details from the story to back your argument up. Remember, like any essay, you need a strong thesis statement, strong topic sentences to back you up, and supporting details. This essay should be 4 pages long and include proper MLA style citation, both in-text and in a bibliographic page. The Parts of a Literary Essay THESIS STATEMENT An argumentative thesis statement (or main point). By argumentative, we mean that the statement must be something that you have to prove. A factual statement, e.g., his poem was written by Benjamin Alire Saenz, or his poem is set in the border region, or plot and characters work together to produce theme is not an argumentative thesis statement. A statement that you might have to prove might look like this: misery by Anton Chekov, we learn that it is not necessary to seek human comfort to alleviate our grief; however, it is necessary that we find some method for communicating our sorrows to a sympathetic ear. SUPPORTING STATEMENTS Statements that support the thesis statement. In each paragraph, you will need a topic sentence that directly supports your argument. Plot summary and summary of each character in the story does not automatically lend support to your argument. You must make statements that support it. EVIDENCE Use details from the story lot summary, character summary, specific metaphors, quotes, dialogue in the story to prove your supporting statements. Of course a literary essay also has an introduction and a conclusion but here I am mainly concerned with you understanding how to make an argument and how, specifically, to make an argument about a literary work. source..
An argument
The Two by Gloria Naylor
Thesis statement: the love of two women, a lesbian relationship might well symbolize the peak of women’s ability to love and be devoted to each other, however, the community’s feelings towards lesbianism is unacceptable therefore the fate of the victims is cruel and depressing.
Theresa and Lorraine live in all times and eras of being unwanted in any place. While “the two” implies the lesbian relationship of Theresa and Lorraine, it also represents the relationship of the janitor Ben and Lorraine. It is through this latter relationship that Lorraine becomes a strong confident woman. During her stay in Brewster Place, Ben and Lorraine get console in each other. At the end, however, their tale grasps death for both of them. The only alleviation for this reflective sadness is that had both lived, they would have been different and powerful. The tale of Theresa and Lorraine depicts a community at its worst scenario (Mohanty, Russo & Lourdes 112).
Lorraine the teacher, wants to be approved by the community- be present at their meetings, care for their kids, talk friendly with other people. On the other hand, Theresa has no concern about the approval of the community. Lorraine, a gentle lady longs for approval and allows others to decide what she feels about herself. Theresa, on the other side, is strong, and clearly knows who and what she is (Mohanty, Russo & Lourdes 114).
Theresa is a determined woman, while her partner, Lorraine, submissively longs for social approval. Despite their occupations, Lorraine and Theresa have located to Brewster Place because Lorraine’s thought their neighbors alleged they were lesbians. They have come to Brewster Place not because they are financially unstable, but because they are socially ridiculed. Brewster Place is their only chance; there is nowhere else to go. It does not take long before people know their status in their new location. The two women differ in their reactions to the unavoidable negative attitude they confront. Theresa agrees to the fact that she is an outcast because of her lesbianism. She hates being detested, but she tackles people’s opinion w...
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