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Gender Studies: Why Afro-American and Latino-American feminism have accused of euro-centrism other feminisms (Essay Sample)

Answer why Afroamerican and Latinomerican feminism have accused of “eurocentrism” other feminisms. (1 page) Comment “Las vestiduras peligrosas” (available online),by Silvina Ocampo from the point of view of gender relations. (1 page) source..
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Gender Studies
Why Afro-American and Latino-American feminism have accused of "euro-centrism" other feminisms.
Feminism is recognized as a theoretical and political construct that has its origins in euro-centrism and ethno-centrism matrices, created by philosophical, literary and political feminist views that have shaped traditional paradigms in knowledge, social and cultural practices (Canavae 3). Modern feminist movements and ideologies emerged prominently in the 1970s, as they sought equal rights, ability, status and treatment of women. The groups divided themselves along ethnic lines to create African-American, Latino-America, Indian-America and other ethnic marginalized groups that were seeking equality. The strongest of these were African and Latino American feminist movements that aggressively sought to eradicate the marginalization of their communities by Eurocentric views.
African and Latino American feminist thinkers played a major part in centering understanding of race issues of women along the lines of analyses of race, sexuality, gender and class in European terms (Canavae 3). To form ideology of African and Latino American feminist identity they made connections between the differences between African, European, Native and Latino Americans in terms of how white and non-white each community was. These thinkers identified the Eurocentric thought in other feminists, which inferiorized black and brown women in America (Springer 1061). They accused other feminists especially the white feminist movement in the prevention attainment of social and political roles by women of an African origin as feminists. Therefore, white feminists have been identified as the restraining model by African American feminists into a "Eurocentric category of feminism which obscured the role of black feminists" (Springer 1061). According to Springer (2002), black feminist the...
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