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Reading response 4 Desiderata by Max Ehrmann. Literature Essay (Essay Sample)


Read and comment on the reading, "Desiderata"Preview the document by Max Ehrmann in 1927.
Why do you think Ehrmann wrote this poem? What do you think was going on in his life at that time? What did he hope to achieve from writing it?
Though this poem was written decades ago, after you’ve read it, do you feel that it is still applicable today? Why or why not?
What does this poem mean to you personally?
Your discussion should be about 250 words or more (one page, MLA Style).
Please complete this assignment by Monday, April 8.


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Reading Response
Why do you think Ehrmann wrote this poem? What do you think was going on in his life at that time? What did he hope to achieve from writing it?
Indiana-based Max Ehrmann wrote Desiderata with an aim to share his life’s experiences and to convey his emotions to a large number of people. The term “desiderata” means a desirable thing. Max made it clear that he was not able to express his feelings verbally; so he once decided to come up with a poem that could highlight what’s going in his mind. I think that the poet was having some problems and felt hopeless in his life, which is why he decided to pen his thoughts and came up with such an incredible poem. Through this poem, he seemed to be wanting to portray is temperate and ethical leanings to the art

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