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Facebook Dilemma- The General Data Protection Regulation (Essay Sample)


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Dear Comm 100/AMST 106,
Your thoughtful, well-written well-developed posts should address these issues: data collection, ( your/our) privacy: Europe vs. USA, regulations: GDPR and possible federal regulations.
You are expected to write as you would for any formal assignment, use citations if you are quoting from a film, article. Refer to grading rubric for DF’s in Modules on Canvas.
You must post and reply to someone else in the course and must be well-written, detailed and substantial. Your reply has to be substantial and push the conversation further.


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Facebook Dilemma
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is considered the most important and one of the best data protection and privacy systems. It is a regulation in EU law and aims to provide people with the utmost security and safety. It primarily addresses issues related to the illegal use of private data outside the EEA and EU areas. The General Data Protection Regulation gives complete control to individuals over their personal details and simplifies the regulatory environment for businesses by unifying the rules and regulations within the EU.
In recent years, a lot of cases have been reported regarding the illegal use or stealing of personal data. The problem is not only present in the United States, Canada, and China but also has made Europeans feel sad and worried. Superseding the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC, this regulation consists of a couple of requirements and provisions pertaining to the processing of personal details of people in the EEA. The rules and regulations are meant to ensure maximum online and offline safety to the citizens.
In order to ensure data protection, the controllers first put in place suitable organizational and technical measures. Then they choose and implement the best data protection principles after goin

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