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Poetry Argument Analysis I Hear America Singing (Essay Sample)


Use this poem: "I hear America Singing" by Walt Whitman. Link: https://www(dot)poets(dot)org/poetsorg/poem/i-hear-america-singing
PROMPT: For this essay you will analyze a poem based on a specific aspect that you want to work from (ex: structure, theme, tone, language, imagery, POV, stream of consciousness, characters) and how that contributes to the whole work. Keep in mind your introduction will need an attention-getter, the text you are working from, and your thesis statement (this is what you are arguing). This paper will have a persuasive tone because you are trying to convince someone that your view is valid. Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong, but valid and invalid. You want to present an argument that is believable and well supported with evidence. Also, remember to use the text as evidence and incorporate an article from the library database to help support your point. Remember to quote the passages exactly as the author states them, and do not misrepresent what the author might be trying to say.
WRITE IN 1st and 3rd person point of view.
Work cited page please
No contractions


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I Hear America Singing
The poem “I Hear America Singing,’ was written by poet Walt Whitman, to celebrate different fellow American figures and the American pride. The poem appeared in the year 1860, and both the edited and original version appeared as number 20 patriotic poems in the year 1867. The purpose of this poem was to acknowledge the people who make-up America such as the shoemakers, the carpenters, the seamstresses, the mason, the boatman, the hatters, ploughboys, wood-cutter, and the mechanics. With each and every individual in the poem having a carol, it portrays the sense of “America Singing”. The style of writing used is of the list of free verse, patriotic and straightforward. In this poem, the author declared that each and every worker sings and deserve respect despite the nature of their occupations. Therefore, the paper analyzes the language aspect which includes hyperbole, personification, alliteration, repetition, imagery and how they have contributed to the whole poem.
Hyperbole is the overstated statements that Walt Whitman used when writing his poem. In the first line of the poem, Walt says that ‘I hear America singing, the varied carols I hear’. The varied carols I hear is hyperbole. He is exaggerating a little to make the point wonderful and expresses himself on how he feels when he hears and sees the Americans at work. The author makes his poem something gorgeous to the reader by what he has witnessed in America. By the use of hyperboles, a good impression is created for the reader and one enjoys more when reading the poem with the use of hyperbole.
Personification is when objects or else nonliving things tend to take characteristics of human beings to make them appear more relevant and funny. Personification appears mostly in poems, where symbolic languages have been used (Meringolo 157). The poet, Walt Whitman has used personification in his poem in the first line, where he says, ‘I hear America singing’. It is personification because, America, the real landmass cannot be able to sing. Also, there is the use of personification where the poet says ‘the day what be

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