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Rosenberg's (Essay Sample)

Here are the specific details from the professor!! I have assigned the poems that address World War I. I would like you to write a 300 word (not to exceed 400) essay that discusses the impact of the poem and what it communicates about the war. But I want you to do so by discussing the poetic devices used by the poet and how they contribute to the poem's impact. You don't get to select your poem. Below is your poem: Rosenberg's "Louse Hunting". NO PLAGARISM!!! ANYONE WHO DOES SO, WILL RECEIVE AN F! Please do not write less than 300 words, no more than 300! Since we have the book with the poem in it, please try not to use sources because I don't know if we are supposed to! If you want to use 1 or 2 the most, I am sure it is ok...but please try not to if it is possible. It is supposed to be just about the poem, not other people's feelings towards the poem..just about the poem itself. THis is due to me no later than Monday, September 6, 2010. source..
This article tries to show the effects of World War 1 using certain poetic devices. The poem analyzed is called Louse Hunting and was written by Professor Rosenberg. Through the poetic devices listed below, we are able to learn the message about world 1 and the impact of the poem.
The phrase ‘A shirt venomously busy’ is a symbol used by the poet to indicate how the soldiers who participated in the Second World War were restless during the fight against the opponents.
The poet used the phrase ‘The place was raging’ to show the reader how violently and mercilessly the soldiers who participated in the war fought against each other. Also the phrase ‘See the gibbering shadows’ is used by the writer to indicate the state of  gravity of the war felt by non-living and non-sen...
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