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Reasons and Revolution (Essay Sample)

The book we are utilizing is: The American Tradition in Literautre 12th Ed. ISBN: 0077239040. The assigned readings are: “Reason and Revolution – Part 1” Reason and Revolution – pp. 249-253 Jonathan Edwards – pp. 254 “Sarah Pierrepont” – p 255 “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” – p 262 “Personal Narrative” Benjamin Franklin – p 282-285 The Autobiography – p 285 “Information to Those Who Would Remove to America” – p 328 Thomas Paine – pp 333-335 Common Sense – pp 335 “The American Crisis” – p 345 Thomas Jefferson – pp. 374-376 “The Declaration of Independence” – p 376 “First Inaugural Address” – p 379 “A Southerner on Slavery” – p 382 Writer, you are asked to write a reaction to the assigned readings. These reactions should reflect your understanding of and thoughtfulness about the readings. Thus, for example, you might comment on specific points within a reading with which you strongly agree or disagree; make connections or comparisons across the readings or with other literature you have read; comment on themes, social issues or implications for the future development of literature. Also, you are asked to answer the following questions: 13. Define the Age of Enlightenment. Then discuss how two of the following are representative figures of the age: Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, or Thomas Jefferson. 14. With references to the text, what is Edwards's concept of God in “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God?” 15. Discuss the rhetorical strategies of the Declaration of Independence. How do his strategies develop from the document's oral context? How does Jefferson appeal to the intellect and emotion? How is he both theoretical and specific? source..
Reasons and Revolution
The following is a review of the book The American Tradition in Literature 12th Ed. ISBN: 0077239040. Authored by George Perkin and published by McGraw-hill in 2008.
The main themes in the excerpts are Christianity and religion. In Christianity and religion, we see several churches that are in the area as the one that Edward Jonathan had in Massachusetts. The Christianity is shown how it came about as a strong figure that represented the whole community and had a great impact in the land. This made the idea of Edward Jonathan very strong and led to writing of his fifteen books. The Christianity is reflected to have a conflict, as the Jonathan fame spread everywhere in the world, in her only country Orthodoxy seems to confront him.
The above themes influenced the way the people live and the way they related to each other. According to the way the vices were condemned and the wrath that such people will get from the almighty God, the people had to turn good things. The Christianity theme condemned bad things and ensured that people live with other in relation to what scripture said. This is seen by the way people accepted and responded to Jonathan’s ideas reading very fast across the globe. People also change their way of doing things as they left Puritanism and turned to Christianity. This made the gospel to go places fast as people withheld with much seriousness.
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