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Most like an Arch This Marriage Poem Analysis (Essay Sample)


For Essay 1, write an explication of one of the assigned poems.
Choose to write about only one of the following:
"Most Like an Arch This Marriage"
In brief, "in an explication essay, you examine a work in much detail. Line by line, stanza by explain each part as fully as you can and show how the author's techniques produce your response. An explication is essentially a demonstration of your thorough understanding of a work" (Literature: The Human Experience 47).
For this particular essay, you will want to focus on the poetic techniques of diction, tone, image, and/or figurative language.
Your essay must be between 500 and 750 words and adhere to MLA formatting. It needs to quote directly from your chosen text for support, but it should not use any secondary research.
Remember that the explication essay should not just summarize the poem.
It needs to look at the different elements of poetry used and offer a detailed explanation of the poem that also addresses the poem's overall effect and meaning.


Most like an Arch This Marriage Poem Analysis
The Poem, Most Like an Arch This MarriageCITATION Del12 \p 774 \l 1033 (Delbanco 774) was written by John Ciardi. The poem would be classified under good love poetry. This is because the poem illustrates how two people should stay together when they are in marriage. Symbolism as a figurative language has been used throughout the poem especially through comparison of marriage to an arch. In the opening line, Ciardi begins, "Most like an entrance which upholds"CITATION Cia12 \p 774 \l 1033 (Ciardi 774). In this instance, the author of the poem begins to illustrate how two people get into a marriage. As we all know, an arch is curved, and it is shaped in such a way that it can provide support to an item. Just like an arch that holds an item to its place at the sides, it is the same way that people enter into a marriage. The author uses this technique to enable the reader to visualize what he is going to talk about. It is marriage and the reader needs to know it so that he can create a good rapport through the poem.
In the second stanza, the author of the poem says, "Most like an arch-two weaknesses that lean into strength. Two fallings become firm"CITATION Cia12 \p 774 \l 1033 (Ciardi 774). In this lines, the author implies the fact that numerous marriage problems can affect a couple or people who are in love. But what matters is how the people who are in marriage can use these problems to

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