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Philosophy: Feminism (Essay Sample)

please write about any topic that is under Feminism but please don't mention anything about Abortion. - Only online sources!! - MLA stlyle - Do not use books please source..
Women in Society, Feminism and Body Image
In the current post-impeachment proceedings the question becomes whom it has affected most and what it will mean to them and their agenda. Obvious groups that will suffer most from the impeachment that are subject to the after effects are the Republican Party and American politics in general. As far as individuals are concerned, Monica Lewinsky has a good deal of post-scandal baggage. But what about those who will experience the effects of Monica and what she represents as a woman in American society? The movement which has suffered the most in the standpoint of social and political agenda is the Feminists. Using Feminist criticism to analyze the discourse surrounding and as well as by the speaker, Monica, I aim to reveal how women's place in society led by the Feminist's has changed due the sex scandal and where it may be headed next.
In looking at this aspect of the scandal it becomes crucial not just to analyze the discourse of Feminists and Monica but to find it in a larger scheme of a society which shapes many of the gender roles and pressures put on individuals to look and act in certain ways (The Weekly Standard 49). There is an evident change in the role of women in American society that has occurred as a result of the scandal which is important not just to the Feminists and their supporters but to any female who enters the public arena and is faced with pressures and expectations put on them as a result of their gender (The Progressive 10).
As a leading special interest group, Feminists, who are politically active concerning gender roles in society, have been at the forefront of the Paula Jones case and the Lewinsky-Clinton scandal. What comes at odds with the Feminist stance in politics is a womanizing Democratic President that they support and his opportunizing and provocative young mistress. It was not something the Feminists were prepared for nor easily responded to when given the option of a liberal President with sexual issues or the conservative, Republican moralists taking charge.
They deplore his misconduct but also understand the hypocrisy of his opponents. They Have years of progress at stake if the President is hounded out of office. But worse yet, they wish the ushering into power of a puritanical or fundamentalists, sex police which Speaks of freedom but allows government to destroy the right of privacy.
Feminists are notoriously Democratic and left wing liberals at that. They do, however, share a common ideology with the interest group of the vast right wing, the Christian Right. This issue is in the moral domain of what should be known about the politicians, and both Feminists and the Christian Right believe that private life is political and the lifestyle of the leaders should reflect the ideal society and act as a role model for the citizens. Clinton, of course, does not fulfill this objective and the issue becomes whet...
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