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Aspects of slavery and slave trade down the history (Essay Sample)

Base also to the Book of Negroes by lawrence hill. Put the works cited too. Please put in a separate paige the summary or the outline of the essay.thank you! source..
Executive Summary
Slavery and slave trade was prominent in the period between the 16th and 18th century, although it began earlier than this and probably continued for some time after its first official denounce in mid 18th centuries. Humans were captured from countries such as Africa and India and taken as captives to Europe and America. On the way to their colonial destinies, they were tortured, subjected to hard labor and various forms of harassment. In their destiny nations life was not better either, their lives were full of sadness and bitterness, most of them died while a few managed to escape but probably not to their countries of origin. The slavery and slave trade period brings up various aspects of discussion such as human injustice and child suffering that will be highlighted in this paper. These aspects from the slavery period form basis for the changes we see in our modern society; positive changes such as introduction of laws that safeguard human rights and negative ones such as social injustices and racial discrimination. More is discussed in the paper.
Aspects of Slavery and Slave Trade Down the History
Slavery can be defined as the act of putting someone in bondage; denying him/her basic human rights and in most cases torturing the persons in various ways. Slavery became noticeable in the 16th and 17th centuries and hit the highest figures in the 18th century- a period well know as transatlantic slave trade period and one characterized by massive human suffering and great tragedies- just before the introduction of human rights and legislations barring it towards end of 18th century and beginning of the 19th century. In most cases the Europeans were the ones who acquired Africans and Arabs as slaves, although most white people nations including America participated in accelerating and spreading slavery and slave trade; this was possible through colonization. This paper discusses some of the pronounced aspects of the slavery and slave trade
Aspects of Slavery and Slave Trade Down the History
Slavery and slave trade largely originated from the competition between European and other powers in acquiring and expanding economic and physical territories. These colonial powers excused themselves of the de-humanizing act by claiming that those taken as slaves were not any better in their countries; in the past, African nations such as Ghana, Congo, and West Africa for instance had certain classes of people enslaved e in their own country- most of the land and property belonged to the loyal class and the citizens of high social-economic status. The poor were expected to stay loyal and work as servants for the rich to survive; they were viewed as "property with a soul" (Guisepi, par 3). This concept was carried along with ...
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