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Ethical Egoism and Utilitarianism (Essay Sample)

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Ethical Egoism and Utilitarianism
In this paper, I will seek to package a central argument on the theories of Ethical egoism and utilitarianism, a case that will eventually authoritatively summarize the better of the two theories, as the one that should be adopted as a moral anchor and pivot in the society. To begin with, by definition and rationale, utilitarianism specifies that one`s actions should be for the common good, that is to say that one should make decisions with the bigger picture of the implication of the effects his actions will have on many others. The parallel of that is basing ones actions on what they consider their best individual interest notwithstanding the impression and outcome such deeds will have on others, and that is called ethical egoism (Waller 156)
In order to at the best exemplify utilitarianism, invasion of taxes is deemed as inappropriate, even though at the onset you would be saving some money from the tax man. The utilitarian perspective counsels us to consider the many the money would help if it was in the tax coffers. Further, you must also take cognizance of the fact that by law, tax evasion is a felony punishable by jail term and hefty fines. With this in mind, one must begin to mull over the number of people who will grief over your imprisonment, after weighing up the fact that the benefits against the risks in this case, one will be prompted to abandon the temptation of evasion.
Using the same example, in ethical egoism, evading taxes would be out of question. Despite the reality that ethical egoism would seem to support self aggrandizement, one will have to contend with the probability of a jail term if found out, this would mean your freedom would be taken away. The question that one would have to ask himself in regards to this situation is not what it would mean to the general public not give to Caesar what is Caesars, but if the unfortunate outcome outweighs the present enjoyment.
To elaborate further on the two theories, I wish to paint another scenario; this one involves your best friend who is cheating on his girlfriend in their relationship. Suppose you elect to inform your friend`s girlfriend about his infidelity? Consequently, this would hurt the girlfriend, finding that the boyfriend is dissatisfied with her or doesn`t respect their relationship. To compound it further, the girlfriend has a friend that you secretly envy. On virtue of trust, the friend confides in you that he indeed was cheating, and this is with the girlfriends` friend, the same one you have your eyes on. The moral dilemma this awkward development would present you with is whether to tell the girlfriend and in effect disappointing him, yet took you into h...
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