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Peer review. “The Price of Textbooks Is Unimaginable” Language Essay (Essay Sample)


This is about write 1 page peer review for classmate. And I will give you a example about peer review. Just follow the example and wirte one page. Thank you!


Student’s Name
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Peer Review
Dear Author,
Your submission “The Price of Textbooks Is Unimaginable” depicts a significant issue that affects all students in colleges and universities. In particular, it is undeniable that books are critical to the learning process, and learners must buy them whether they like it or not. You have made it clear that there exist various methods of acquiring books, including buying new ones, borrowing from libraries, leasing, and purchasing secondhand textbooks. Although the first method is expensive, it supports the authors since a specific proportion of the money goes to them. However, your primary argument is vague since one does understand whether you are discouraging or encouraging students to be buying new books or used ones.

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