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Philosophy Paper. Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Please write a 4-6 page paper on one of the topics below. The paper must be double-spaced and typed or printed by computer on standard white paper. Please use top, bottom and side margins of one inch and a 12-point font size.
Analyze Searle’s reasoning on pages 39-41. The argument involves more than one inference from premises to a conclusion. Each inference can be treated as a separate argument. Choose one or two of the inferences he makes and show whether the reasoning is valid and, if valid, whether it is sound.
This is not a research paper. There is no need to refer to any sources other than the assigned texts. However, you must cite all sources, including any assigned text. Failure to cite sources properly will result in a grade penalty of 0.5.
Grading guidelines for papers:
Grades for papers will be assigned using the rubric on BlackBoard. The following is a general account of what makes a good paper.
To earn a grade of 4.0, a paper should satisfy the criteria for earning a 3.0 plus:
 Be composed in consistently eloquent prose
 Exhibit an appreciation of the details of the positions discussed
 Defend an interesting thesis well and fully
 Address all familiar topics and texts that are relevant to the topic
 Contribute a new voice or original observation to the dialogue on the chosen topic


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Philosophy Paper
Given the current technological advancements, a lot of people might be tempted to think that Artificial Intelligence has a similar thinking power as that of the human brain. Artificial Intelligence requires human reasoning for it to be developed. Therefore, it is unclear as to whether human beings have reached the capacity of creating a computer that can effectively imitate their mental state. Searle's argument uses premises two, three, and four to come with the first conclusion. Searle points out different reasoning to show that computer programs are not in a position to give any system a mind.

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