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Shahnameh and Inferno. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Two tragic heroes—Oedipus and Macbeth—are given predictions about their future, and both come to terrible ends. Compare and contrast how knowing something about the future leads to tragedy for Oedipus and Macbeth. Remember to have a thesis that develops a unified argument for your essay. Support your essay with quotes/examples from the works.
o NOTE 1: Your paper should have a clear argument that runs throughout. Each point that you make should be related to this argument.
o NOTE 2: Remember to use (and explain!) quotes from the readings/films. Engage in a dialogue with the texts.


Student’s Name:
Shahnameh and Inferno
The state of undergoing pain, hardship or distress is what can best describe suffering. Both Shahnameh and Dante's Inferno revolved around the mortality and human suffering subjects. Quite often, people from all times and cultures do not think of the consequences that their actions might bring whether in the present or their afterlife. The two famous epics dwell in showing the human suffering hardships in a way that people more so readers can relate and get to learn from. Notably, suffering and pain are hardships that are experienced by every living person. The Shahnameh and Inferno portray human misfortunes instances and the suffering that comes right after. So, what causes humans to suffer?

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