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Emma Lazarus & American identity Literature & Language Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Research one author and a couple of their works to discuss themes and their relevance and value today...
2-3 sources.
Emma Lazarus
he thesis statement can be anything close to this.
American Identity themselves not by racial, religious and ethnic, but the common values and freedom.
we are still fighting for freedom can relate to "Until we are all free, we are none of us free." (Lazarus)
I wish issues today can be mentioned and included
Don't have to use this outline but I want something similar if it's possible
Thank you
What is America today
A brief history and idea of America
Body 1
history Easteroup Jews to the US
how does a refugee differ from a migrant—or from an immigrant?
Puerto Rican poet Judith Ortiz Cofer and Emma Lazarus focuses on the depiction of immigration
Body 2
Her struggle as female Jewish & American
Jewish Modernity. Why people are my people.
New Yorker today (NPR Video “What does it mean to be American?”)
Body 3
Today’s issues
President Trump July “send her back”
English Irish German first
Example Italians in new york
New waves Latinos, Afro Caribbean, Asian


Institutional Affiliation
Course Code/Title
Emma Lazarus and American identity
Immigration in the United States began in the colonial era in the 18th century. Most of the immigrants, however, entered the country in the mid-19th century following the Second World War leading to the enactment of anti-immigration laws that limited the number of immigrants entering the country in the 1940s. Refugees and other immigrants flooding into the United States created a rift in government, leading to the neglect of policies of equality and leading to the rise of racial discrimination. The government allowed racial communities to establish individually, causing the rich communities to have advantages over poor communities like the African Americans and Latinos. Emma Lazarus and a Puerto Rican poet Judith Ortiz Cofer demonstrate the effects of immigration in the United States and describe the liberty of the people in their works of art.

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