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Impact of Capital investment and Industrial Revolution to the Working Population in America (Essay Sample)


For your third and final paper, you will be evaluating the claims and evidence in Thomas DiLorenzo’s chapter, “How Capitalism Saved the Working Class,” within the context of two readings: Slavery by Another Name and Ghosts of Gold Mountain. The word evaluating is significant. In this paper, you will not be comparing or summarizing. Instead, you will be arguing to what extent DiLorenzo’s assertions and evidence regarding wages, hours of work, working conditions, child labor, and the like accurately describe, or not, the experiences of convict laborers in the South and the Chinese railroad workers in the West.
How you organize your paper will determine the coherence of your argument. Your introduction should open with the period following the nation’s Civil War, when the South became industrialized and the building of railroads drove westward expansion. Briefly introduce Blackmon and Chang’s pieces on the convict labor system and the “Railroad Chinese,” respectively. Transition to DiLorenzo’s piece, briefly stating how capitalism benefited workers, from improved wages and working conditions to a shortened workweek and higher standard of living.
For your thesis, you’ll want to clearly state the degree to which, if any, convict laborers and Chinese railroad workers benefited, based on DiLorenzo’s claims and evidence, from improved wages, hours, and working conditions, among other points. Here’s a good rule of thumb regarding paragraphs: one idea, one paragraph. You can, of course, continue a same point in a following paragraph. Unorganized paragraphs are a symptom of unorganized or sloppy thinking.
Start your paragraphs with a topic from DiLorenzo, for example, wages. First state his claim (that capitalism improved wages) and the evidence he uses to support his claim. Next, cite evidence from either Blackmon or Chang, or both, arguing whether DiLorenzo supports the experiences of either or both groups of workers on that topic. Continue this structure for each of your body paragraphs, or sections, keeping your argument before the reader throughout your paper.
Conclude with what you have found most interesting about either one, two, or all three of the readings. Please do not summarize your paper. Follow MLA format. Contact me if you have any questions. Good luck!
please avoid using PASSive voice in the paper


Impact of Capital investment and Industrial Revolution to the Working Population in America
The United States faced gradual development from past methods into industrialization and capitalism after the civil war. Capital investment escalated the living standards of the working population to higher levels due to increased wages. Although the working environment had various crises, the Chinamen gained various benefits from the construction of the railroad in America. The industrialization period after the end of the war created various work opportunities for Negroes regardless of the fact that the initial enslaved conditions affected the population and the growth of the country adversely. The black Americans and Chinese laborers working in the country benefited from the introduction of capital investment and industrialization since they could work in friendly conditions and earn average wages, leading to the improvement of their living standards.
Although the individuals find various situations challenging, they chose to cooperate and attain the desired goals while working in the factories. The people running various projects in America did not them into working. DiLorenzo, 94 states that the individuals looked for the factories and holders did not have to compel them to work. In this case, the different groups had various problems and priorities to choose between. On some occasions, parents have the option of letting their children starve to death or working in the companies.

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