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The American Revolution that spanned between 1765 and 1783 (Essay Sample)


5 paragraph essay. Each paragraph must contain 5-6 sentances.
P1. Intro
P2. Body
P3. Body
P4. Body
P5. Conclusion (must be the strongest paragraph of the essay. STRONG conclusion
Intro- how the essay will be talked about/explained (5 sentances)
Body 1- The causes that started the American revolution
Body 2- Course of revolution. Need facts. (How, who, where, leaders, followers, etc.)
Body 3- Consequences of revolution. (Results)
Conclusion- Summarize essay as well as possible as this is the last thing the professor reads. NEEDS to be strong!


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
American Revolution
The American Revolution that spanned between 1765 and 1783 was a larger-than-life political and military struggle by British colonies to reject the rule of Great Britain. The revolution involved a series of battles that saw colonies gain their freedom to form a sovereign nation, the United States of America. Therefore, this study seeks to explore the causes, course and consequences of the revolution.

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