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French Revolution The Poor Economic Policies Of French King Louis XVI (Essay Sample)


Describe the three major effects of the French Revolution. How true was Napoleon to the ideals of the French Revolution? Which three principlcs guided the diplomats at the Congress of Vienna?


French Revolution
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French Revolution
The French Revolution resulted from the discontent with the French monarchy and the poor economic policies of French King Louis XVI. The trial and subsequent murder of King Louis XVI allowed Napoleon Bonaparte to ascent to power. Here, the French citizens redesigned the landscape of their nation. They did this by uprooting the medieval systems. While the French Revolution did not attain all its goals, it played a significant role in indicating the power inherent in the will of the citizens.
The Revolution led to the weakening of the power of the Church, the implementation of a constitutional monarch, and the spread of liberalism. Before the French Revolution, Catholicism was the official religion in the nation, which made the church a powerful institution (Kalthoff, 2015). A majority of people in France were Catholic. However, the Revolution caused the Catholic Church to lose its properties while the priests and nuns were killed and exiled. Religion was no longer prominent in France as before. Additionally, the Revolution caused the elimination of an absolute monarchy and the establishment of a constitutional one. The monarch was now under the control of the parliament. Lastly, the French Revolution accelerated the spread of liberalism based on the philosophy of liberty and equality (Valdameri, 2015). The abolishment of feudalism gave room for the implementation of human rights.
While Napoleon tried to remain faithful to the ideals of the French Revolution, to a great extent, he betrayed the Revolution. On the one hand, Napoleon used his military congests to consolidate the Revolution. He continued with the tradition

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