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One Of The Major Themes Present In The Movie Glory (Essay Sample)


Discuss one of the major themes present in the movie Glory. Among the major themes we discussed were “equality,” and finding self-respect and acceptance. Discuss one or both of these themes. Cite specific, multiple examples from the movie to defend your thesis. 






Major Themes in the Movie Glory

The Glory movie dates back to the ancient period in the United States of America; a short period after the slave trade. The movie further depicts the desire of free black Americans to participate in the civil war that existed between the Union and Confederates. A proof for the existence of war between the Union and Confederates is shown at the beginning of the movie, where the Union launches a military expedition on the Confederates (Levin 627). The movie has several themes among them equality, finding self-respect and acceptance. This essay will seek to address the major themes, equality and self-acceptance and respect as presented in the movie.

The theme of equality is first brought into the limelight by Colonel Robert Gould Shaw, a Bostonian abolition army commander, who seeks to use his fellow African Americans in the military. Noteworthy, the United States of America was not recruiting black Americans into the army. They were regarded as an inferior race. The majority of the black Americans were descendants of Africans who were sold into slavery in America. The American army was not willing to recruit the children of those sold into slavery in the army (Fleche 297). The black Americans were used for manual labor within the military camps. They could clean around the camp and cook for the American army soldiers. The indecision by the American government of including black Americans in the army was watered down by Colonel Rober

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