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Comparison Of Movies: Jaws And Kill Bill (Essay Sample)


Paper 2 Assignment: In a four-paragraph essay compare one movie we discussed in class to a movie we did not discuss in class (your choice, but not the same as paper 1). Using the following outline as a guideline:
1) Describe the two movies—titles, years, who directed them—and quickly summarize their plots;
2) Discuss how each film fits into the history of film—their genres, important innovations or other aspects of each;
3) Compare the symbolic possibilities of these two films—what arc the subtexts and contexts of their possible other meanings?
And then cite the film in a two-line Works Cited page. Your grade will be based on the following rubric: Requirements 3 points; Grammar 3 points; Argument 4 points.


Jaws and Kill Bill
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Jaws is a 1975 Hollywood movie based on a book of the same name and directed by Steven Spielberg. Considered one of the finest films, Jaws received numerous awards for its music, story and spectacular performance of the stars. Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss, Robert Shaw, Murray Hamilton, and Lorraine Gary played the leading roles in this blockbuster. During a private party at Amity Island, a young lady, Chrissie Watkins, goes skinny dipping in the ocean. After a couple of days, her body parts get discovered on shores, and forensic reports reveal that the death took place because of a shark attack. When a local fisherman kills several sharks, the mayor announces that the beach is now safe. However, Brody and Hooper retrieve a shark's teeth embedded in the submerged hull claiming that a white shark is still present in the water. First of all, Jaws is not about sharks and their deadly attacks on humans. It did have some sharks and scared generations of cinemagoers out of the sea for fear of being attacked by these giant creatures. But its underlying story is entirely different and quite complicated (Erickson, 2017).
As a book, it reads like the tale of a father who is unable to control his own children, so extramarital sex starts taking place. As a movie, Jaws unfolds the hidden truths of society, and as the cultural and traditional phenomenon, it depicts how a B-grade film transformed into a genre-defining hit that opened new horizons for modern filmmakers and raised various questions. Jaws received attention from both audience and critics. Some of the critics called it a middle-class film while the others claimed that Jaws had changed the fate of society. Universal spent over $1.7 million on its promotions and released dozens of television spots and full-length trailers to attract the viewers. Beyond this, in the description of Searle Kochberg, the studio "coordinated and devised some great and outstanding plans” for Jaws' marketing. At twenty-eight, Steven saw Jaws as a follow-up to his movie titled Duel. With actors ready to t

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