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Out Of Africa: Discrepancies Between The Movie And Real Life (Research Paper Sample)


-Movie: Out of Africa
-Your paper should not be a retelling of the movie or a critique of if you think the movie is any good. Instead, you will need to research the true-life events that inspired the movie and report on what really happened, how the movie portrayed what really happened and any discrepancies between the movie and real life.
(The real story behind the movie, how does the movie present the story? Your take on the real story/movie)
-Bibliography of 5 resources, 3 of them must be from EBSCOhost website resources. (any website without an author are not to be used)
-MLA format, Typed in Times New Roman 12 point font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced.
-proper citations.
-no plagiarism


Out of Africa Movie Research Paper
Out of Africa is a film about a woman and her life in Africa particularly Nairobi, Kenya but its later filmed. She travels from Denmark to Kenya to get married to a man name Bror. They also plan to open a dairy as far as their enterprise but Brors' interest is to run big game hunting on safari than managing a coffee farm he established and forgo the plans they had with her. The woman's name is Karen Blixen. The husband established the coffee farm after she contracted syphilis from her husband and had to fly to Denmark for treatment.
She meets Brors' brother Denys Hatton whom she thinks wants the same kind of relationship that she wants but Denys think that marriage is of no importance to their relationship. The coffee farm yields a good harvest but a fire puts Karen into a compromising financial status and she thinks of relocating back to Denmark. She gives her Kikuyu servants a go-ahead to sell the things she's living behind on rummage but before that she had agreed with Denys that he would take her o Mombasa and after that, she will proceed to Denmark on her own. Before the Friday Of her fight, Bror tells her that Denys plane got an accident. After the burial, she heads to Denmark.
Out of Africa is a story is about a lady, Karen who writes about building her home in Kenya. She recounts the seventeen years she had lived in Kenya which was then called British East Africa. The film Out of Africa is based on this true story of Karen Blixen. She and her husband buy a farmland in Ngong Hills. Blixen and Bror had plans of establishing a dairy farm but her husband developed the farm into a coffee farm instead. Squatters were the major producers of labor on the farm and managed mostly by Europeans among them Thomas, Karen's brother at first.
The marriage between the two, Karen and Bror was great as they went on hunting safaris together. According to Thurman, Karen refers to the safaris as paradisiacal. (The life of a storyteller, pg 132). The First World War lead to the rise in the prices of coffee and the family of Blixen invested in the business which saw them expanding their farm to six acres which were 24km2. But Bror was unfaithful to her and not a good businessman hence squandered the money and the couple later divorced.
She was then left to manage the farm lone but the soil and weather couldn't allow the proper growth of coffee and hence the leading to low yields. Other problems were the invasion of pests especially grasshoppers and long dry periods which led to more debts for the farm. According to Herne, falling mar

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