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Hiroshima Child Research Assignment: Nazim Hikmet (Essay Sample)


1.) Who was Nizam Himet ? 2.) What happened in Hiroshima than and now ? 3.)What is the poem about the theme ? 4.) What is the poet pleading for ? Cited all work. double space. write in MLA writing sylte. Have cited page . use Konuk Mutlu. 'Things I did I loves Selected Poem of of Nazim Himet '' Contemporary Literary cRITICISM . Vol . 40. p. 246 http//WWW.BAZIMHIKMETPOETRYFRSTIVAL. ORG/
Halman, Talat S.''Nazim Hikmet Lyricist as connnnoclast .'' Contemporrrary Literary Criticism. Vol. 40
. P. 246 http;// 3.)Ross . Alan. ''A Sad Afair under the Stars.'' Contemporary LITERARY CRITICISM. Vol 40. 40. P 252 . http; prmPID/285 4. HIROSHIMA Chilld '' wIKIPEDIA; Nazim Hikmet 12, November 2012 also use the poem Hiroshima child by Nazim Hikmet.


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Hiroshima Child
Hiroshima Child is a powerful poem which was written by Nazim Hikmet. The talks about a child who died as a result of the Hiroshima bombing. This poem shows the extent of the suffering that the people of Hiroshima underwent when America forces dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima Japan. Thousands of hundreds of people lost their lives during that period. The impacts of the Hiroshima bombing were so enormous such that effects of the attack are still experienced so many years after the bombing.
During this period the World War II had intensively increased and the United States opted to use the atomic bombs for various reasons. One, America wanted to compel Japan to quit the war and reduce the American casualties. Secondly, the United States also wanted to establish its dominance in the war, before the Soviet Union became part of the war against Japan. The geographical area of Hiroshima was on a flat river delta which was surrounded by few hills; these factors contribute to the huge destructions that were reported in Hiroshima.
Nazim Hikmet
Nazim Hikmet was born in Salonika, Ottoman Empire currently known as the Thessaloniki in Greece back in 15th January 1902. He was able to get exposure in poetry when he was still very young from his mother and grandfather who was a poet. Hikmet was privileged to publish his first poetry when he was still young at the age of seventeen (Binder, 213-227). He was raised in Istanbul, and he left Turkey for Moscow after World War I when he attended university and was able to interact with other poets and writers from the rest parts of the world.
He soon returned to Turkey after gaining her independence in 1924. While in Turkey, Hikmet started involving and preparing leftist magazines which led to his detainment. He later managed to escape back to Russia when he focused on writing and playing poems. After the general amnesty in 1928, Hikmet was allowed to go back home in Turkey where he focused on writing and publishing poetry books. During this period he also worked as a translator, journalist, and a scriptwriter.
, In 1951, Hikmet left Turkey after he had served long jail sentences because of this radical acts. He moved to the Soviet Union where he carried on with work for emphasizing world communism. He received recognition for his patriotic artistic works in syllabic meter and later abandoned the traditional forms due to influence from Russian futurists (Binder, 213-227). Most of the works he had published were translated into English. Hikmet died in Moscow in 1963 after he suffered a heart attack. He is regarded as the first modern poet from Turkey, and he is recognized as one of the greatest international poets of the 20th century.
What happened in Hiroshima then and now?
The situation in Hiroshima was inhuman and very horrible, the poetic device used in this case is imagery. The first four stanzas of the poem describe how the situation was in Hiroshima during the bombing. The information from the first four stanzas show distress in the person, and there is no sign of hope (Rifton, 334). The third stanza can clearly, show the e

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