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The Reflective: The Development Of Your Writing Skills (Essay Sample)


The Reflective Essay
This essay will reflect on the sequencing of your work: What were your initial fears and weaknesses when it came to the writing process? What areas of growth occurred in the development of your writing skills? What modes of writing were difficult for you, and which were easy? What strategies and recommendations will you establish for your future writing endeavors? In a well-written essay, reflect on these questions and the development of your writing.
Criteria for writing this essay:
• 2 pages
• As always, include a plan, or schema, in your writing. Suggested development: Divide your paper into the following segments: Introduction, which includes a thesis statement; body of your paper, which includes answering the main points of this essay; conclusion, summarizing comments of the content of your paper.
The assignments looks like this
(To help you how to write this essay, and how it looks like my progress)
Writing Assignment #1 (Write a Descriptive Essay and writing process) **this essay was my weakness, I had to do it so many times.
Writing Assignment #2 (Write a Narrative Essay)** I showed some progress
Writing Assignment #3 (Write an Expository Essay)*** this essay was a little bit hard for me.
Writing Assignment #4 (Write a Persuasive Essay)*** I showed some improvement.
Writing Assignment #5 (Write a Literary Analysis: Poetry) ***I did a great job.
Writing Assignment #6 (Write a Literary Analysis: Prose) ***I did a great job.
Writing Assignment #7 (Write a Reflective Essay) ***(current essay)
If you have more questions let me know. Thank you again!


Professor's Name:
Reflective Essay
Writing has not always been my forte, and initially, I used to employ every play within a student's playbook to avoid writing. My fears and anxieties about writing were wearing me down, and I believed that avoiding it was the best solution I could come up with. However, at my current stage of education, writing is essential, and my plan started to fail as writing became unavoidable. I feared writing and but it gradually dawned on me that it is crucial that I get over my fears and work on improving my writing skills.
I have always been shy and having my weaknesses paraded has never been a popular thought with me, and hence my first weakness was self-doubt. As an insecure person, it became increasingly difficult to let other people help me much less talk to them about my problems. Consequently, I became a victim of self-doubt and this impacted my writing negatively. I reached a point where I did not trust my ideas and exposing my vulnerabilities was not something I could bring myself to do. However, as soon as I was able to face my fears, I developed a desire to overcome my fear of writing. I started to write more, and my mistakes were being exposed which helped me to focus on those areas more and slowly, but surely I have taken h

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