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Generational Music Industry Trends: Popularity Of The Existing Styles (Essay Sample)


Topic: Generational music industry trends
Write an argumentative essay that accomplishes all of the following tasks:
-Incorporation of comparative analysis in at least one of the argument sections
-Effective and clear use of argument elements to accomplish the essay's purpose for the
intended audience
-Well-chosen and well-organized argument elements for the essay's argument
-Clearly establishes the problem being addressed
-Clearly proposes a solution to the problem
-Clear audience and purpose of the essay's argument


Student`s Name
Generational Music Industry Trends
The music industry has changed over time and along with it the tastes in music. The industry is constantly seeing the emergence of new genres, which in turn take up the market by reducing the popularity of the existing styles. The emergence of these new genres and styles usually target the young people of that particular generation. That is why for people from different generations the music that will appeal most to them is that which was popular during their youth.For this reason, today`s generation has a strong liking for mainstream music with its great beats and catchy lyrics. On the other hand the past generation from the 60`s to 80`s had a great preference for pop music and bands were highly valued. Overall, musicians in the past generation accomplished much and were more famous compared to today`s artists due to various reasons.
The bands in the past generation rose to fame because of real talent unlike in modern times. Examples of such famous and successful bands include The Beatles, Nirvana, and The Rolling Stones among many others.As Gianna (2011) notes, real talent was evident among these musicians who ensured that the lyrics had an in-depth meaning and their music was written by the artists themselves. The music was real in that multiple instruments were used and things like synthesizers and auto tune were perceived to be degrading to a true musician. Compared to today`s generation, the real essence of music has been lost. The prevalence of the use of autotune and synthesizers even by those mainstream musicians considered to be the best, only shows that there is no real talent in this generation. The indignity of using such methods has been dropped and every artists even the upcoming ones impulsively adopt the use of such. This has also encouraged laziness among today`s artists who do not have to make a real effort to produce the best music. This lack of talent and creativity is made more evident during live performances. For the older generation artists, live perfor

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