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MUS 1100 DB Presentation: Music Reaction and Relaxation (Reaction Paper Sample)


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Music and Relaxation
Music has been an integral part of the human experience for the longest time in history. It is for this reason that music tends to be everywhere one turns. One of the aspects where music is used at the intentional level is when people want to express themselves. It is important to note that, we tend to use different types of music to express what we feel at the moment. When, for example, you have gone through a breakup, you will tend to listen to sad songs that mimic your feelings. After you have overcome the grief associated with the breakup, you will listen to music that is more upbeat. You are simply expressing the fact that now you want to move on with your life and find what it has in store for you. You feel hopeful about your life again. At this point listening to sad music will not be a true representation of what you want to express emotionally. It is also important to note that music activates more than one area of the brain. This is to mean that, the use of music can be a platform to activate areas that process emotion, speech and even relaxation. Music is not only relying on one part of the brain, but several to impact, making a strong impact on the listeners. As such, it gives a much more profound effect to the listeners than say a speech. Music can also be used to revive old memories from the different neural pathways. This is to say, by using music, listeners are able to replay pleasant memories that they have and that help to relax.
There are a number of activities that help relieve stress and cause relaxation, where music is concerned. Music therapy has a rather intrinsic appeal in the fact that, once one discovers what makes them relax, it's so effective that they do not wish to do anything else

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