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Ethical Implications of Racism (Essay Sample)


this is the weekly assignment of critical thinking course
Week 11
Learning Goal: Consider the ethical implications of racism; considering how language conveys emotion.
Thinking about Race: Douglass: Narrative of the Life. Weekly writing: Select TWO important passages that connect; explain how they connect and why they are important—along with what they express or suggest. Explain your response to the selected passages and why you chose them.
reading materials: Douglass, Narrative of the Life (Penguin)
other instructions:Frederick Douglass's autobiography from which you are to select two passages of importance and explain why, and also relate them to one another.


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Ethical implications of racism
Ethical Implications of Racism
Frederick Douglass was an outspoken abolitionist. He was born in 1818 in Maryland where he later escaped because his freedom was threatened. He wrote many articles related to slavery and acted as a social reformer after the civil war. Besides his knowledge ad slavery lectures, Douglass supported women until his death which occurred in 1895. Douglass narrative explains how he learned to read and write and his ability to influence people which is evident from his speech “What to the slave in the fourth of July?” This paper will discuss ethical implications of racism by considering how language convey emotions.
The first passage comes from Colonels plantation where most mechanical operations for the farm were held. Besides farming and grain gridding, other activities such as weaving, shoe making, cart writing and coopering were done at the plantation. These activities were performed by slaves. Douglass states that neighboring farms were better than colonel’s plantation. Douglass states that leaders were slave of their political parties too.
Secondly after hard work slaves were supposed to go for their monthly allowance. On their way they composed songs comprised meaningless jargons. Douglass says that the songs carried a message of pain, horrible character of slavery and racism. Every tone in the song was a testimony against slavery and a prayer to God for deliverance from chains. According to

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