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Applying the Consequences of Poverty (Coursework Sample)


Applying the Consequences of Poverty
Step #1: Visit the website listed below, Anti-Slavery International. Review section titled "What is Modern Day Slavery?" & "Forms of modern slavery".
Step #2: Pick one of these forms of slavery (any of the forms listed, forced labor, human trafficking, slavery in supply chains, bonded labor, child and forced marriage, descent-based slavery, domestic work and slavery). Click on the category to read more about this specific form of slavery. Write one to two paragraphs providing a summary of what you learned.
Step #3: Review the U.S. Department of State "Diplomacy in Action" page and review the "15 Ways You Can Help Fight Human Trafficking". Pick one of these categories that you find relevant or that you could actually apply.
Future nurses maybe you would choose #13, "Learn how to identify the indicators". Or parents maybe you would choose #8 addressed education in classrooms. Write a one to two paragraph response regarding how you can take action to help fight human trafficking.
To gain full credit you must write a response to both Step #2 and Step #3. One to two paragraph for each step is sufficient.


Applying the Consequences of Poverty
Institution Affiliation
Applying the Consequences of Poverty
Slavery has existed throughout human history and from the days of earliest humans to grace the universe. Slavery can be defined as the state of being a slave or directly, a condition of one being subjected to any work against their will with zero or no proper remuneration or pay (Filler, 2017). There are different kinds of slavery going on today; however, this paper seeks to delve into human trafficking, as a form of slavery today. Human trafficking is Human trafficking involves recruitment, harboring or transporting people into a situation of exploitation through the use of violence, deception or coercion and forced to work against their will. It is a process of enslaving people, coercing them into a situation with no way out, and exploiting them.
There are several reasons as to why people can be trafficked for different kinds of exploitation. These reasons include forced sex workers, forced labor, forced begging, forced criminality, domestic servitude, forced marriage, and forced organ removal. These forms of exploitation are popular among traffickers because they believe they offer quick avenues for cash as well as monetary dividends to the traffickers in such a short time. It is also not easy to find people who may be willing to offer these services, hence the need to unsuspecting traffic individuals into these schemes, once they are, they are forcefully exploited into the above activities. Most people who fall victims to trafficking are to escape poverty, improve their lives, and support their families; the promises of a good job abroad or in another

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