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Access And Listen To Why They Fought Podcast (Essay Sample)


Access and listen to Why they fought:
List some of the reasons they fought. What is the argument of the podcast? Do you agree?


Date due:
‘Why they fought’ podcast
One of the reasons the people of the North fought in the Civil War was to preserve the Union. Gary Gallagher, a historian, observes that both the army and ordinary citizens considered the war a military strategy against the south and engaging in it gave them a voice in the government and many more economic opportunities, which they treasured. The Southerners, however, particularly the slaveholding class threatened this voice through their strong economy founded on slavery. Hence, fighting to take slaves away from the wealthy slave owners in the south would preserve the Union.
The second reason was to for liberation. Over two hundred thousand African American men enlisted in the Northern army to help the Union win the war against the southerners. The men believed that if they assisted the government in winning the war, it would eradicate slavery, and guarantee their freedom.
The third reason why people fought in the Civil War was to preserve home. The Confederate soldiers fought to protect their families. The Union had assured the southerners that if they lost the war, the society they were living in would change. African American men would be free to lead their lives as any other person in the country. With the society changi

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