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History Essay Slavery in the USA (Essay Sample)


Essay (50 points) You will write an essay that explores the given topic, one of the two
listed below. It should be a complete essay, including an introduction, a conclusion, and
evidence paragraphs, in the traditional 5 or 6 paragraph format. Because you will have access
to your notes, I will be expecting clear and specific examples from class to support your ideas.
A) In what ways was slavery a foreign affairs issue? Did slavery itself have an international
dimension? How did it affect the growth and development of the US, especially in terms of
international relations? How did the economics of slavery affect American relations? Consider
the issue from the beginnings of slavery in the Americas, to its termination during the Civil War.


History Essay: Slavery in the USA
Slavery is without doubt one of the biggest blots in American history. Its ramifications are still being felt today, and this is a testament to the severity of its damage on the American social fabric. It is important to note, however, that the ramifications of slavery in the USA were not only local, but also international. In every way possible, slavery was a foreign affairs issue as far as the USA was concerned.
First off, slavery was a foreign affairs issue because it dictated how America interacted with the rest of the world. For instance, the merchants that travelled to Africa and other parts of the Americas to acquire slaves essentially influenced how America was perceived. The polarized opinions of the legality and ethicality of slave trade polarized the world in terms of how it perceived America. In this way, slavery was a foreign affairs issue for the USA and one that defined America’s foreign affairs policy for many years.
It is equally important to remember that slavery had an international dimension to it, and this significantly affected how slave trade developed during its course. One of the core factors that promoted the increase of slavery in the USA was the demand for American cotton overseas. As American cotton began to grow in popularity, particularly in the

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