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Analysis of a Passage from the Novel, The Lovers. Literature Essay (Essay Sample)


Please write a essay on the novel "The Lover". Please DO NOT write a book review, DO NOT write the summery of the novel. Please select a specific passage in novel and analyze it. (For example, in the novel the man is a chinese and the girl is a white woman. The white woman seems to have superior power than the man because of the race difference. Choose a passage and analyze this colonial rules in the novel in detail. ) This is just an example i give, i upload the novel for you and also the prompt for the essay. There are other topics you can write about. Just remember to do a close reading, analyze the novel with colonial rules.


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Analysis of a Passage from the Novel, The Lovers.
“Throughout the affair, for a year and a half, we’d talk like this, never about ourselves. From the first we knew we couldn’t possibly have any future in common, so we’d never speak of the future, we’d talk about day to day event, evenly hitting the ball back and forth.” (Duras, 1984, p. 49). This passage provides a vivid description of the kind of love affair that both the protagonist and the Chinese man entered. So, by reading it, the first theme that comes out is social status. Here, the narrator tries to tell the readers of the situations back in the colonial French Indochina. Even though they both loved each other, it is paradoxical that they never talked about their future together. There is a reason for this, and the main cause is that according to the colonial French tradition, the colonizers were viewed as people of higher ranks compared to the colonized. Even though the Chinese man is rich, the narrator who comes from a humble background of French colonialists would not marry him simply because they considered the girl to be of superior rank compared to the man. The passage, therefore, informs the readers of the social orders and roles of parents in deciding who a lady/man gets married to.

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