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Art Of Summarizing: Brief Analysis Of The War And Economy Of Iraq (Essay Sample)


here is the assignment:
First -- Read Chapter 3 in They Say/I Say (“Her Point Is - The Art of Summarizing”). Pay particular attention to the verbs presented on pages 38-39 and use them in your essay. Knowing how to summarize is an important skill in college writing.
Second -- Read Chapter 4 in They Say/I Say (“As He Himself Puts It -- The Art of Quoting”), and pay particular attention to pages 44 - 49. Quoting properly is a skill you will have to demonstrate every time you write an academic paper in the future.
Third, write a 3-page paper that uses the lessons you learned in Chapters 3 and 4. Use this sequence:
Paragraph 1 -- copy and paste the first paragraph you wrote and revised on your research paper
Paragraph 2 and following -- start with this line -- “In order to support my argument, I would use …….” Then, summarize and quote properly from the sources that you put on your Works Cited list. Tell your reader how these sources help to make your argument stronger.
Next to last paragraph -- Tell your reader about one source that disagrees with you (an opposing point of view.) Try to inform us where that argument is weak.
Last paragraph -- remind reader why your topic is important.
MLA style, Times New Roman font, size 12, normal heading
Your paper needs a Works Cited page
Your writing goal is showing you can summarize and quote properly, plus use good grammar.
The book: They say/ I say have PDF on online.


Student Name
The Art of Summarizing
Brief Analysis of the War and economy of Iraq
Iraq was back in the headlines two days ago when Iraqi armed forces held a military parade in the capital Baghdad to celebrate Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's declaration of victory over the extremist group Islamic state. Since the 1980s, two Gulf wars and more than a decade of economic sanctions have sapped the geostrategic power of the Middle East. The U.S. forced a democracy that didn't fit Iraq's conditions and made it difficult for the country to rebuild. As a result, the Islamic State group took advantage. It is also clear from an analysis of Iraq’s economy that while ideology and politics are key causes of the violence in Iraq, it faces extraordinary challenges in the fact that Iraq has an extremely young population and massive numbers of young men and women desperate for careers, jobs, marriage, a home, and a family. Iraq is rated the 170th most corrupt nation out of the 175 countries rated. As the analysis shows -- it has an extremely large and badly managed state sector (Looney 128). But Iraq is not exactly what the media calls hell on earth if you look at the numbers alone, Iraq's economy has been growing steadily since 2004. In Looney’s “Postwar Iraq’s Financial System: Building from Scratch,” he indicated that “Iraq's economic recovery in 2004 exceeded the level of 2002 and its real GDP had increased by 87% compared with that before the war” (129). Iraq's economy is unstable for two reasons. First, the population is young and poorly managed. Second, Iraq is a fighting country with no peace. In my opinion, although Iraq's economy is not good the country wants to solve its economic problems. First, Iraq should solve the problem of the young population, which is more conducive to the economic trend.
In order to support my argument, I would use a report by the World Bank released in 2018 regarding employment in Iraq. The report asserts that at least 2.5 million individuals in Iraq require jobs urgently (3). While the national unemployment rate stands at a rate of 16%, youth unemployment is at 36%. The report demonstrates that the failure to address the issue has adverse effects in the future. It projects further that five to seven million Iraqis will be in need of new jobs. With this in mind, the report suggests that the government should support agriculture and agribusiness in an attempt to improve food security. According to the report, the move will be helpful to “women and returning internally displaced persons (IDPs)” (8). This source will boost my argument that by creating job opportunities, Iraq can create an enabling environment to improve its economy.
In order to support my argument, I would use proceedings of the 59th ISI World Statistics Congress. In the article, Al-Alak demonstrates that Iraq is a young country with the youth constituting a third of its population. While education has improved for the youth, this group faces many challenges, the most critical being the increasing level of unemployment, especially among females. Al-Alak reminds us that “the young people are the change makers” when they are in an environment that

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