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Advanced Justice Summary of Articles (Essay Sample)


Students are required to write a fully referenced 350-word paper ( footnotes excluded) that summarizes
the main points of the assigned articles. These summaries must show that you have fully read the
assigned material.
These are the links to the articles that need to be summarized.


Advanced Justice Summary of Articles


Institutional AffiliationDate
In the article, Internet Forums, the author Keller takes a look at the ways in which the different internet platforms limit the freedom of speech. There are different views on the power of the internet platforms to limit the freedom of speech with some arguing that it is right for the internet platforms to monitor online content as a way of fighting fake news. However, the social justice organizations have also accused the online platforms of unfairly removing speech of the minority groups from their platforms. When the internet platforms undertake these actions, they do so since they are acting in accordance with the laws which have been set aside by the respective governments in their countries of operation. The author also argues that most of these platforms utilize technology in the form filters to limit the freedom of expressionCITATION Dap18 \l 1033 (Keller, 2018). There are also gaps on the existing laws on how the internet platforms are supposed to filter content before feeding it to the public. For instance, in a 2017 G7 Summit meeting, the member countries encouraged the technology companies to come up with tools that would detect content that promotes violence and content that incites terr

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